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Small Electric Fireplace Heater

small electric fireplace heater

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Château de Courtebotte

Château de Courtebotte

Next stop, Saint-Jean de Blaignac. This is wine region, the next village over is Saint-Emilion. We found the chateau in a wonderful guide called "Chateaux & Hotels de France" which has had consistantly good recommendations. This was no exception, as long as you rate "interesting" over "luxurious".

The chateau, on the bank of the Dordogne, a large home built during the reign of Henri IV with thick stone walls and chunky window and huge open fireplaces.

When we walked in, I romantically envisioned a family of nobility who had hit on hard times. Scraping together all the money they could to keep their home, they sold the artwork, then the antiques, then all but the most necessary of furniture and finally, in desperation, opening the doors to people like us willing to pay to stay as their guest.

The owner, a French man who took early retirement and bought the chateau with the intentions of running it as a hotel, was clearly unaware of this impression. He seemed to have some difficulty with the difference between "rustic" and "run-down." Every room was done differently, with a canopied bed and a few scattered pieces of old furniture (I hesitate to use the term antique. These were just ... well, old) and a small electric heater. Our room was made "en-suite" by placing a tub and toilet in the corner of the room with a nod to privacy in the form of a two-foot high wooden partition placed at an angle. Not a room you'd want to share with anyone you weren't intimate with.

It was great.



it was cold last night. i woke up thursday morning to my furnace being dead and my house at a balmy 39° F. finally got a guy to come fix it around 7pm that night, and my house is now back up to its normal winter operating temperature of 60° F. it was nice to have the fireplace going though, but i had to sit directly in front of it to feel any heat, otherwise by the time it got across the room, it had turned cold.

i'm just lucky that i had a fireplace and small electric heater as a backup. some people don't even have that... and some people don't even have primary source of heat, much less a backup.

small electric fireplace heater

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