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Big Buddy Portable Heater

big buddy portable heater

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  • Buddy is a Norwegian film from 2003. It was directed by Morten Tyldum after a script by Lars Gudmestad. The music was composed by Lars Lillo-Stenberg, known from the band DeLillos. The film was well received by critics, and was awarded two Amanda Awards in 2004.

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Buddha Buddies

Buddha Buddies

Anthony and I have been together ten years. In that time, I have definitely been the one to say, "We don't need this crap. Let's donate and move on!"

The only thing I am not willing to give up is the Buddha Buddies.

We bought these out of a vending machine our first year together when we walked to each other's houses and went to raves in bay area warehouses.

They have yet to lose their charm. I find them hilarious.



From the archives. I have hundreds of shots of Buddy and Holly. Once they paired up, I seemed to forget all the lone shots of the two and just posted the pair...then the babies.. So here's one of Buddy that stood out to me.They did come back again this morning to check out the box and I can hear him warbling as I type this. Hope to get some new shots soon.

big buddy portable heater

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